Take a "ONE DAY ALIVE" trip down 288!

We're just down the road from Pearland! Why not take a "ONE DAY ALIVE" trip down Hwy 288 to our Wild Bird Gallery? Any Tuesday through Saturday - regenerate!! Your choice: 3, 4 or 5 hours alive.


Gallery Plus GrapeTaste Wine Bar and Restaurant

GOT 3 HOURS? - Visit the Gallery then have a meal, conversation and refreshments next door at the GrapeTaste Restaurant. The perfect quick refresher for a buzzy  life. If you only want a sandwich and iced tea, try Applesway Restaurant - also in our corner.

Gallery Plus GrapeTaste Plus Elaine's Fashions

GOT 4 HOURS? - Add Elaine's great dress boutique to your trip. You'll absolutely have to get a great new outfit while there! We promise you'll be back again.


Gallery + GrapeTaste + Elaine's + Sea Center Texas

GOT 5 HOURS? - Add Sea Center Texas. It's only a couple of miles across town and you'll see some great birds outside and some great fish inside (in the cool). 

No matter which adventure, you'll call it a ONE DAY ALIVE experience - and you'll be back - we promise!!