Cherie’s “Sparkle” advice for bridal shoppers

Your rings purchase will outlast your house and your car. Shop with a recommended jeweler - especially if your family/friends have lived in the area for sometime. 

… Find out what shape diamond or other stone your fiancé or fiancée most desires. Remember that the stone is the greatest part of your investment. Get your money’s worth. Your jeweler should give you a close-up “tour” of the stone with a jeweler’s loupe.

… Match a great setting to the stone. Get your jeweler to help you choose.

… If you as a couple are shopping separately, be sure to find out what exciting fine metal he / she really wants … platinum, white gold or yellow gold.     … And don’t forget family! Some couples prefer to redesign heritage pieces or use stones from one or both sides of the family.

Let the Sparkle begin!        

- Cherie Nowlin McBride (Duckie)

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